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What People Have to Say

"Nina’s reading provided a road map for the planetary energies that were affecting my life - as shown by my birth chart and the transits I was experiencing. She skillfully analyzed how these energies might show up in different areas of my life. I felt not only reassured by her reading but also empowered as to how to best move forward with some important challenges I was facing. Nina is an intelligent and compassionate astrologer. I cannot rate her highly enough."

Catherine C.

"I’ve known Nina to be  a kind spirit before I knew her for the work and readings she does. When I found out, I knew she was the person I wanted to help guide me through my chart. She is approachable and made my first reading not only a pleasure, but something I could digest. She allowed it to be open for myself to guide where the reading would go, and asked me questions prior to the reading to help me construct what I wanted to get from my time spent with her. This was key for me, as I was as not sure what to expect, but did have thoughts and questions I wanted to pursue. I was thankful to be able to record everything as well. I will be going back in the future when need be."

Kat P.

Nina is warm, understanding and able to map out where I am and explain what is is going on, on a much deeper level. It allowed me to trust my process and get a better understanding of myself, my challenged and where I need to dedicate my energy. I cannot recommend Nina enough.

Piama Z.

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