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If you have never received an astrological “reading” or consultation from an astrologer, it can be one of those “aha” moments in your life where aspects of yourself, your feelings, how your thought processes work, how you love and relate are brought to your conscious awareness so you can embrace and fully accept the beautiful and unique human being that you are.

An important aspect of the astrological consultation that I will doing with you is an analysis of your current transits, the astrological cycles currently affecting your life. I will be looking at the archetypal themes that are currently active in your life and in the near future. We can, also, explore how the various archetypes express themselves in your personality as indicated by your natal chart, a picture of how the planets were aligned at the precise moment of your birth.

We are all unique human beings equipped with a complex set of gifts and personal challenges. Therefore, I work with all my clients in a compassionate, confidential and non-judgmental way.

An astrological consultation can be a wonderful way to more deeply and profoundly understand yourself and see how one's personal rhythms are directly connected to the rhythms of the Universe. By becoming awake and aware of these rhythms, we can begin to consciously work and become partners with these archetypal forces at work in us for our betterment and evolutionary unfoldment.

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